Seven speakers from retail, start-up, mechanical engineering and IT reported close to practice on different aspects of digitalisation and its effects on the cartonboard and packaging industry on the 7th WEIG Kartonforum. Moritz J. Weig welcomed approx. 100 participants out of six countries. Roland Rex led through the conference programme.

The economics philosopher Prof. Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Grün (Philosophical College PhilKoll) talked about the ethical aspects of digitalization in his keynote speech. Marco Atzberger (EHI Retail Institute) focused on digitalisation from the perspective of the retail sector and showed various trends. The presentation held by the two start-up founders Dominik Romer (adnymics) and Julian Jost (printmate) demonstrated new possibilities of digitalization within the packaging industry.

After the lunch break Dr. Sven Breitung (VDMA Printing and Paper Technology) talked about the influences of digitalisation in the field of ”Print 4.0“. Ralf Schnackerz (WEIG Group) explained the challenges of the digital transformation for the WEIG Group and presented strategic solutions and IT-based measures which will be developed and implemented.

Due to the recent event the programme was adapted shortly before the conference. Additionally Thomas Pfeiffer (Industrial Federation Paper Processing) gave an overview about the current status of the 4th draft of the mineral oil ordinance.

Our participants confirmed: The 7th WEIG KartonForum was an overall success. The conference offered interesting and future oriented presentations and provided a platform for thematic exchanges and networking.